The Urban Studies website features short bios of some of our alumni. Click here to read about our alumni.

If you would like to get a sense for the areas of research that urban studies students cover, here are some of the past thesis defences of our alumni.

  • Liz Blakeway, Capturing Compostables: A Case Study of Small Scale Composting in Vancouver
  • Lisa Ogilvie, Community Sport Development & the Olympic Games – Outcomes from Vancouver 2010
  • Vanessa Wong, How do social housing locations impact transit use in family households in the cities of Vancouver and Burnaby?
  • Jonathan Jackson, Sustainable Development Compromise[d] in the Planning of Metro Vancouver’s Agricultural Lands: The Jackson Farm Case
  • Laurah John, Wasted Lives – Determining the Feasibility of Establishing a Test Case Resource Recovery Programme in the Urban Poor Community of Faux-a-Chaud, Saint Lucia
  • Heather Kamitakahara, Port Moody – City of the Arts? Culture as the Catalyst for Regeneration in Inlet Centre
  • Andrew Jones, From transit to development at Main Street SkyTrain Station
  • Jacqueline Kinney, Suburban Walkability: Understanding the Role of Urban Design and Residential Preferences
  • Michael Soron, The Urban Politics of Vancouver’s “Greenest City” Agenda
  • Diana Guenther, How have neoliberal shifts from the 1980s to present day in social welfare delivery changed the services provided to street youth in Vancouver?
  • Laura Slater, A Case Study of the Green Building Sector in Vancouver
  • Jessica Stutt, Planning the Expo Line: understanding the technological choice behind Vancouver’s first rail rapid transit line
  • Sarah Smith, Putting Local Food on the Menu: Comparing the food purchasing practices of Vancouver’s Chinese and finding dining restaurants
  • Jesse Galicz, How Can Understanding the Microeconomics of Housing Development Contribute to the Generation of More Affordable Housing?

The full collection of urban studies theses can be found on the SFU Library website.

The Urban Studies alumni are employed in diverse sectors and organizations in Vancouver and around the world. Please feel free to visit our LinkedIn group.



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