Great post and outline of the recent Gentrification and the Suburbs lecture hosted by SFU Urban Studies

BY Katie Stowe

A synopsis of Suzanne Lanyi Charles’ lecture / SFU Urban Studies

Gentrification has long maintained its status as a critical social issue in Vancouver, our beloved yet unaffordable city. However, in recent weeks this issue has reclaimed the limelight as several small business owners and developers trying to set up shop and build condos in traditionally lower income communities like Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, are facing strong resistance from local residents, via protests, hunger strikes, and vandalism.

Through the lens of this recent turmoil, I attended the March 19 lecture “Gentrification and the Suburbs”, part of SFU’s Gentrification and the City speaker series. The lecture was presented by Suzanne Lanyi Charles, Assistant Professor, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan. The lecture focused on gentrification in the context of a study of residential redevelopment in the inner-ring suburbs of Chicago.

Despite my limited urban planning…

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