City Conversations: Go East, Young Vancouverite, September 6

Photo: Miss604. Used under Creative Commons license.

September 6 | 12:30pm | Room 1600 at SFU Vancouver

Young people in Vancouver are facing a perfect storm of high student debt, underemployment and unaffordable housing options. Increasingly, they are finding themselves pressured to “move east” as a response to the attitudes of government and industry. Whether it means moving to Fort Murray to accept the next available job, or moving to Surrey to find affordable housing – this conversation will explore the context of structural and demographic change in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Join the former head of the SFU Graduate Student Society, Mike Soron, currently Executive Director of Sustainable SFU; Jonathan Cote, New Westminster City Councillor; and Nathan Edelson, member of the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing Affordability and Senior Partner at 42 Street Consulting, for an engaging discussion on September 6th at SFU Harbour Centre.

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