Another Cambie Corridor rezoning at 29th Ave

Another Cambie Corridor rezoning application has been received by the City of Vancouver from Intergulf Development Group. The rezoning will be to convert several RS-1 lots between 29th and 30th on Cambie Street into CD-1 (Comprehensive Development).

View from East

Site context

The development will include three 6-story buildings, one of them for rentals (37 units), and six 2-story laneway houses. These laneway houses are an interesting feature of the proposal and are clearly used as part of the design rationale.

The interconnection of laneways is in keeping with the Cambie Corridor Plan. The proposed laneway townhouses for this project will bring life to the laneway, making it a pleasant place to walk and cycle both by day or night.

Laneway houses

This design doesn’t have a “front” and a “back”, but rather it has two “fronts”. A key difference that changes how we think about underused laneway space in the city.

Development proposal


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