Event: Dense neighbourhoods without towers?

2881 Main St at 13th (St. Patrick’s Church)

The Residents Association of Mount Pleasant is hosting a community forum that will address the question: can we build high density neighbourhoods without towers?

Urban Design Specialist Lewis N. Villegas says “We can build high density neighbourhoods in Vancouver without building towers.” Lewis will present the new planning paradigm in a multi-media presentation entitled “The Density Fallacy”.

Professor Patrick Condon of UBC SALA will speak to the issue of exploring options to towers that are more resilient, affordable, and compatible with existing neighbourhood character. Speakers from RAMP will examine the Rize Rezoning design before City Council at the ongoing Public Hearing; alternate design scenarios will be explored within the current C3A zoning.

Jim Lehto will summarize the C3A zoning. Mr. Lehto formerly served the City of Vancouver as Downtown Development and Downtown Policy Planner; he holds a Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto and a Masters of Architecture and Urban Design from Harvard.
The C3A zoning has been used in several recent projects in Mount Pleasant. Come join the discussion.

More info from the RAMP website.


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