4837-4861 Cambie Street: rezoning in the Cambie Corridor

An application is pending with the City of Vancouver to rezone several RS-1 sites along Cambie Street to CD-1 (comprehensive development). This application will be one of many (to come) considered under the Cambie Corridor Plan approved by Council back in May 2011.

Site Context for 4837-4861 Cambie Street

The proposal is for a 5-story building with 41 residential units, 49 underground parking stalls, and 86 bicycle storage spaces. The photo composites below show how the building will fit into the existing character of the neighbourhood, which right now is primarily low-density, single family homes (click for larger image). This building certainly reflects the vision of mid-rise residential buildings that the Corridor plan calls for along Cambie Street.

Mid-rise building along Cambie Street

Cambie Corridor vision, Queen Elizabeth Precinct (Source: City of Vancouver)

An open house is scheduled for Monday, February 27, 2012 | 5:00 – 7:30PM, Holy Name of Jesus Parish.

This site will also eventually be located next to a Canada Line station, at 33rd Avenue. No word on when/if that station will be added, and don’t hold your breath.

Cambie Corridor study area with Canada Line stations (Source: City of Vancouver)


One response to “4837-4861 Cambie Street: rezoning in the Cambie Corridor

  1. Fun fact: The grandfather I never met built plenty of the cute 1950s/60s ranchers/bungalows in that hood. Sad to slowly watch them go, but for such a major corridor, ‘appropriate density’ is the better long-term solution (and it’s not like I was ever going to be able to afford one anyway!).

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