Upcoming Public Talks: Scott Bernstein

The Urban Studies Program is presenting two public talks by Scott Bernstein, President and Co-founder of the Center for Neighborhood Technology. CNT developed a Housing and Transportation (H&T) index to determine true housing affordability. “Only two in five American communities—or 39 percent—are affordable for typical households when their transportation costs are considered along with housing costs” (CNT Press Release).

Center for Neighborhood Technology

How will Vancouver determine housing affordability? And what role will location efficiency have in achieving economic sustainability?

Monday, March 19 at SFU Surrey | 7:00PM | Reserve

If Not Now, When? How Making Economic Progress Count Accelerates Public and Private Infrastructure Investment in Cities and Regions

Thursday, March 22 at SFU Vancouver | 7:00PM | Reserve

Progress Lost, Progress Redefined, Progress Regained – How Location Efficiency Performance Measures Are Being Used to Achieve Economic Security

From the CNT website:

Scott leads CNT’s work to understand and better disclose the economic value of resource use in urban communities, and helps craft strategies to capture the value of this efficiency productively and locally.

About the work of CNT:

The aim of CNT’s 2011 policy agenda is to develop and advocate for legislation and regulations that make use of a city’s intrinsic assets to build sustainable communities—sustainable economically, socially and environmentally. We can get there by pursuing four broad goals:  giving people more transportation options to lower the cost of living, making buildings more energy efficient, protecting our water by treating it as an asset rather than a waste product, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Poster for the March 22, 2012 talk at Harbour Centre, SFU Vancouver:



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