Canada’s most romantic cities

Here is something to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. The most romantic city in Canada is Kingston, Ontario. According to an article in the Globe and Mail, a list by ranked Kingston in top spot with Guelph and Kelowna in second and third spots respectively.

Source: City of Kingston

Now for the most important question but with the most disappointing answer. What criteria is Amazon using to rank the most romantic cities in Canada?

Sales data. Specifically, the sales volume of romance novels, sex and relationship books, and…the per capita sales of Michael Buble CDs. Excuse me? I was expecting a fascinating discussion on how romantic cities can be evaluated on their urban and natural qualities – like the number of cafes and public squares, views of the mountains and ocean, heritage buildings and architecture. Kingston definitely has some of these qualities, but do other contenders Guelph, Kelowna, Langley and Red Deer?

As a lover of cities, I think we can come up with a better list with better criteria. People are likely to use experiential criteria to rank romantic cities. Places that are rich in meaning and history, vibrant, and that reflect an authentic identity will probably create a lasting experience for someone. What are your most romantic cities? Why? Here are a few photos of mine.

Victoria. Source:

Montreal. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Whistler. Source: Tourism Whistler


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