On Suburbs

“The people who move to the suburbs aren’t nearly as stupid or careless or brainwashed as the urbanites seem to think. They know they’re going to get a lawn, a garage, and a backyard. They know they will be miles from a store or cafe, and that they’ll have to drive everywhere. Most people move to the suburbs with eyes wide open, fully aware of the tradeoffs they are making. They are not looking for some pastoral idyll, but for more privacy, space, quiet, and parking.”

– Excerpt from The Authenticity Hoax by Andrew Potter


2 responses to “On Suburbs

  1. and no elevators. and no crappy common area transits to get inside my home. and unfettered green space. and demographically similar neighbours in my community. and decent schools. and shorter ques for sports programs for my children. and lower taxes.

    • yes, all those things – a lifestyle sustainable thanks to a job and economic activity produced in and supplied by the nearest city.

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