About Me: Landon

2012 marks my second semester of the Urban Studies program at SFU, which means that the time has come to dive a bit deeper into thinking about a thesis topic and narrowing my studies down into what I am truly passionate about in cities. Having been born and raised in Florida, living in the the sprawling cities of Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, and Atlanta, I have come to see the lack of varying levels of communal activities and everyday life that are something on which other places around the world thrive.

Like Andrew, I was a LEGO kid as well and built cities (with the electric train and all!) on my bedroom floor. I loved trains, buses, subways, monorails, you name it. It wasn’t until I lived in Atlanta where I truly was able to experience an urban rail system, and even that is no where near comparable to New York, London, or Tokyo. Since coming to Vancouver, I think I have found where I’d like to settle for a bit longer than my previous stays. This city is the perfect testing ground for finding that point where community and public transit cross paths. It’s what I’d like to explore with my remaining time here at SFU, and right now, it is the best location.

I am excited to contribute to this blog periodically, and I hope it inspires thought and conversation among students and faculty in our program and beyond.


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